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6. October 2022

Automate and Relax: These 15 Zaps are Your B2B Sales Gamechangers

More competition and increasing complexity have prompted changes in the daily business of Sales. These challenges make it necessary to make processes more agile, work more efficiently, and better leverage internal resources. 

Transparent pricing and (relatively) easy-to-compare products are major challenges in a global market. Working in Sales, you are dependent on being flexible and having the ability to react to changing circumstances. The saying “Work smarter, not harder!” definitely applies here.

Many software platforms offer solutions so you can simplify your sales processes, one of them being Zapier. Zapier combines everyday applications to increase the efficiency of your daily work.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a digital platform that helps you automate your workflows by connecting all the apps and services you already use. This is a huge time-saver, especially for those of you working in B2B Sales. You can automate your tasks without having to create your own integration or rely on a third party.

The idea behind Zapier is to help you create a smarter workflow, virtually outsourcing processes so you can just focus on refining your pitch and connecting with prospects.

You can use Zapier’s web interface to create commands called “Zaps”. There are two main parts to a Zap. It consists of a trigger like a form being filled out on your website, that then leads to the action of sending you an email. That means the B2B lead is the event that automatically sends the email. You can set up commands so that a single event triggers one or more actions.

Save Time With Zapier

Most companies are still moving data from one application to another manually which is extremely inefficient. For example, how do you maintain CRM records manually? That’s where Zapier comes in.

Connecting your existing tools to share data automatically doesn’t just save time, it also eliminates human error. You can trigger workflow automation in Zapier with all sorts of events such as receiving an email, adding a row to a spreadsheet, updating a record, or creating a financial transaction in your accounting system. Even social media channels are automated with Zapier!

Zapier Provides a Solid Foundation to Scale Your Business

Business growth can pose many challenges, especially if your team has to spend more time on administrative tasks than on their important responsibilities. By reviewing, streamlining, and automating your B2B Sales processes with Zapier, you free up your employees so they can focus on their core business. With Zapier you can finally look at the big picture instead of being swamped with paperwork.

Speed up Customer Management With Zapier

Closing a sale is great, but also creates a whole new set of tasks. Your next steps might involve creating a new customer in different systems, defining follow-up processes, getting your customer to sign a contract, or setting them up with workshops or training. You can cut down on the administrative effort needed through automation with Zapier

Anything from calendar management, and sending emails to updating your CRM can be streamlined with Zapier. That way, you’re guaranteed not to forget a single step and can ensure that all your data is correct.

Get Ahead with These 15 Zaps for B2B Sales

As you’ve learned so far, Zapier makes it easier to automate processes and scale workflows. This applies to any business, but in Sales where the pressure is on, it can be especially useful to have a helping hand that can help alleviate your workload.

Zaps for Outreach

Outreach and prospecting tools can help you reach potential customers quickly and personalize the experience to close more deals. The following tools can be linked together, or paired with your CRM tool and more. Handy, isn’t it?

1. Echobot

Are you wasting time searching for potential customers? With Echobot, you will find your ideal customers with just a few clicks. See companies with current demand and get all important company information at a glance.

The modern alternative to the address database, Echobot always keeps your CRM data up-to-date and helps to make your B2B lead generation and qualification efficient and most importantly, GDPR compliant.

Setting up one Zap between Echobot and your CRM, you can efficiently keep your B2B data fresh. Not only that, you can automatically receive new sales opportunities via email thanks to Zapier!

2. Gong

You’re probably always trying to find ways to improve your sales calls, right? With Gong, you can record and analyze your calls with your leads. For example, you can monitor each participant’s speaking time or how your potential customers reacted during the call. With Zapier, you can automatically integrate your Gong recordings into your CRM or Sales Engagement tool.

3. Tolstoy

There are regular video messages for sales emails—and then there’s Tolstoy. Tolstoy can help you tell better stories through interactive videos. Ask your prospects questions in your video message and provide them with a selection of answers that they in turn can answer within the tool. That way, you can quickly identify their specific pain points. Thanks to Zapier, you will be informed as soon as your prospect interacts in Tolstoy!

An image showing all the CRM integrations with Zapier

Zaps for CRM Support

4. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM systems for larger companies, but it offers so much more than just the standard CRM. Salesforce can tell you who your top leads are, with suggestions for the next steps but beyond contact data management, Salesforce also helps keep your customers happy and loyal. With Zapier, you can link different lead generation tools or social media with Salesforce to make your daily business run more smoothly.

5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM solution that focuses on the closing phase of customer relationship management. Not only that, but it can also function as an account management tool that supports the entirety of your sales process and automatically organizes your calls and emails. You can use it to synchronize schedules across all your devices, and with a single Zap, you can automatically add important leads (and more) to your Pipedrive. In contrast to Salesforce, smaller companies might benefit more from Pipedrive.

Zaps for Lead Management

Thanks to Zapier, tools that you use to generate and manage B2B leads can be easily linked together or integrated into your data management system.

6. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a website tracking tool that can help you optimize your website traffic conversion in B2B Sales. Gain insights into which companies are viewing your website and how they behave when they’re there. Leadfeeder scores your website visitors for you automatically so that you can move straight on to the acquisition phase. Link Leadfeeder and Zapier with your CRM, email account, and more to save time in your workflows.

7. Hubspot

You may know HubSpot as a CRM system but it has a lot more to offer in terms of inbound marketing and sales. With HubSpot  you own a central platform to manage your leads, customers, and campaigns. On top of that, HubSpot is a cloud-based platform which means your data can be synchronized across teams and devices.

Use Zaps to connect your HubSpot with lead generation tools like Leadfeeder or Echobot, so you don’t miss exciting sales opportunities.

8. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is a tool that allows you to integrate a specific kind of lead formula into your LinkedIn ads. We know that getting prospects to fill out forms can sometimes present a challenge, but this tool puts profile information directly into forms to make it more attractive for your prospects.

Zaps for Communication & Alignment

Other areas where Zapier can simplify your B2B life are communication and alignment. You can add appointments from various apps to your calendar or via communication like emails and messages in Slack to alert you when a lead visits your website.

9. Slack

Slack is the communications tool when it comes to efficient team and one-to-one communication. The tool offers instant messaging, group chats, voice, and video calls as well as a selection of tools that facilitate information sharing and collaboration between teams. Connect Zapier and your Slack with your calendar, Asana, or Google Sheets so you never miss another event.

10. Google Sheets

Google Sheets enables you to work in cloud-based tables. The advantage of this is that everyone in your team has access and when you connect Zapier, it can automatically add leads to your Google Sheets. That way, you can keep large amounts of data organized, create individual reports or calculate things automatically.

11. Asana

If you and your team want to work on and administer joint projects, Asana is the tool for you. You can delegate, prioritize and set deadlines for tasks then follow progress live within Asana but really boost team productivity by creating a Zap linking Slack or your calendar to be reminded of important projects.

Zaps for Social Media and Social Selling

12. LinkedIn

One of the biggest (if not the biggest) business networks around, LinkedIn has over 500 million users from over 200 countries. LinkedIn is free but you can add features for a fee. Compared to other similar platforms (like Meta or Instagram), the focus is squarely on careers and business. 

As a sales professional, there are many opportunities to be found on LinkedIn thanks to social selling. Create a connection using Zapier between LinkedIn and your calendar, your CRM, or your emails to be reminded of the most important contacts, leads, and conversations.

13. Xing

Similar to LinkedIn, Xing is a professional business networking platform with a focus on the DACH region. Use Xing to generate new contacts or to leverage your connections to boost your expertise to wow your prospects and generate interest in your products or services. Use Zapier here as well to link your tools to save yourself time!

Zaps for Scheduling

Zaps aren’t just the secret weapon for your social media workflows, but also your scheduling tools. From Google to Calendly and TIMIFY, let Zapier streamline your daily schedule so you don’t miss another important meeting or customer appointment!

14. Calendly

Calendly is an automatic scheduling tool that gives you an overview of your appointments and meetings. Fairly often, you’ll find people in sales adding Calendly as an email attachment or on a landing page so that prospective customers can book appointments with them directly. What a great way to maximize your flexibility and customer satisfaction at the same time!

When you link Calendly with your CRM or Zoom, for example, you can start a video call directly from your booked Calendly appointment.

Calendly Tool

Source: Calendly


Like Calendly, TIMIFY is a cloud-based scheduling solution. Businesses of all sizes can organize appointments, and reservations or issue invoices. Why not create a Zap for Slack so that you receive an alert when someone books an appointment?

Conclusion: With Zapier You’ll Have Time for The Important Things

If there’s something we all know, it’s that there is no time to waste in B2B Sales—and you shouldn’t! Zapier links and integrates some of your favorite tools and platforms. You choose which processes to automate in order to make your life easier. Especially in B2B Sales, where your performance is measured by your wins and revenue, Zapier can save you from doing all those time-consuming administrative tasks.

Alongside more than 4000 apps such as Echobot, Leadfeeder, HubSpot or Calendly, Zapier makes your daily sales life easier without you having to turn to IT.

Start streamlining your processes and workflows by giving Zapier a try today!

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