Echobot + Leadfeeder = Dealfront
3. April 2023

Say Hello to Our New Brand: Echobot is Now Dealfront

Back in June 2022, we announced that we had merged with Leadfeeder following a €180m investment from Great Hill Partners. Combining Echobot's leading sales intelligence platform and Leadfeeder's best-in-class web visitor intelligence solution seemed like the perfect fit to launch a leading go-to-market tool.

Ten months later, we’re now a team of 330+ operating across six offices, serving over 10,000 customers with a new name: Dealfront.

The Echobot and Leadfeeder Journey

Echobot and Leadfeeder, founded in 2011 and 2012, respectively, have different foundations but the same goals: to give companies the data and tools they need to grow their business.

Echobot, started by Bastian Karweg and Jannis Breitwieser as a media monitoring tool,  grew into a sales intelligence platform offering truly GDPR-compliant B2B data for European markets. Leadfeeder, co-founded by Pekka Koskinen, Herkko Kilunen, and Vicent Llongo, began as a way to reveal hidden web visitors to boost lead generation.

Bringing the strengths of each solution together to form Dealfront became clear to both companies when they were introduced by the investment firm Great Hill Partners.

Introducing Dealfront: Stronger Together With Our New Platform

With our new brand, Dealfront, we want to create a new go-to-market platform for Europe. So we’ve put the applications and data of both companies together to give you a platform based on four stages: discover, qualify, convert, and optimize.

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The idea is to create a closed-loop platform where each stage feeds the next, creating a flywheel effect. One stage will refine the next stage of the process in a continuous loop to propel your revenue growth forward.

Dealfront, the Go-to-Market Platform for Europe

Dealfront is the only EU-native GTM platform built to give sales and marketing teams everything they need to close deals in Europe. With specialized AI built and trained on European data in multiple languages, it's not just our platform that's native but also our algorithm. 

This native algorithm powers Europe's largest and most accurate company and contact database. Also, having a European-based solution means that we can source in English and local languages, helping you find the contacts you need with more precision, quickly. 

With Dealfront, you're getting better data, and more insights into how to use it to streamline your processes and help you close more deals. The platform also shows you how to effectively engage your ideal customer profiles (ICP), no matter the country you or your prospect is in.

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Also, with a platform that has its roots in Germany and Finland, you will get the highest privacy standards in Europe from the get-go. Dealfront was born with compliance and transparency in its DNA. Always know where the data comes from so you can be assured you’re on the safe side of regulation

The Dealfront platform: 4 core benefits to empower your business

The closed-loop system we talked about earlier is designed to help your processes move away from the classic funnel and replace it with the flywheel. The funnel has a beginning and end where the customer or prospect is being pulled/pushed through until the end goal: a sale/conversion. 

The flywheel is focused on retention of the customer after the sale, making this strategy more customer-centric.

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A quick overview of the four flywheel stages:

Discover: At this stage, you are trying to determine who wants or needs your product. Our platform will help you discover who is visiting your website and how they behave. You can unlock your total addressable market using our deep, fully compliant EU data.

Qualify: You've discovered your total market and found and analyzed their behavior. Use dynamic filters, sales triggers, and buyer intent data to refine and prioritize your ideal customer profiles

Convert: With your ideal leads discovered, it's time to convert them into customers. Reach the right buyers, with the right message, at the right time with our deep data profiles and insights.

Optimize: Refine and optimize your team's performance by taking what you've learned during the discovery, qualification, and conversion stages. Leverage our AI and machine learning to find B2B lookalikes to boost deals won. 

What does this mean for current Echobot and Leadfeeder customers? 

If you’re already our customer, that doesn’t mean losing what you already have. You will be seamlessly migrated over to the new platform, and still have access to all the tools you paid for. In fact, depending on the package you have, you will gain access to additional features and tools at absolutely no cost to you!

Our new journey together and vision for the future 

Where do we want to go from here? This is the beginning of what we believe will be Europe's #1 go-to-market platform.

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Our combined experience, knowledge, and drive to create tools that can help push our customers’ success is all part of our vision for the future.

Dealfront - The way to win deals in Europe.

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