18. November 2022

The Best B2B Lead Generation Tools in 2023

In B2B, you often face the challenge of generating high-quality B2B leads for your sales team. Ideally, these leads show a high interest in the service or product you’re offering.

Countless vendors and tools on the market promise you just that – an easy way to generate good leads. But are they any good? We collected the best tools out there you can use for an automated lead gen. Generating hot leads with the touch of a button? Let’s go!

Lead Generation With Your Website

Every day, visitors come to your website to find out more about what you have to offer. Your goal should be: Collect as many qualified B2B leads with your website as possible! One possibility is to use a good, old lead form, in which a prospect leaves his or her contact information. Another option is to install user identification software that reveals the IP address of your website visitors – this will tell you the company they are working for. In the next step, you can target these companies. 

It is very likely that the people who have visited your website have a demand for your product.


LeadLab identifies most of your website visitors, giving your sales department the possibility to target exactly those companies that have already shown interest. Likewise, a website visit can be a clue for you to prioritize companies in your pipeline.


Salespanel is a tool that allows B2B companies to identify their own website visitors. It also tracks leads from different marketing channels and helps you to qualify your leads.


Dealfront Web Visitors is also a software that tells you which companies were on your website. The visitors are registered as leads, prioritized based on what they do on your website and then passed on to your sales department.

Screenshot of Dealfront's Web Visitors

Our Tip: First, use a website visitor identification tool to see the companies that have visited your website to learn more about how you can improve your content. Afterwards, enrich the collected leads with further relevant data. This will give you a very detailed profile of your website visitors and your sales team a good basis to start with.

Ensure your forms work properly and your website is optimized! This will convince as many of your website visitors as possible to enter their data and later convert.

There are a lot of tools on the market that improve your website visitors’ experience and specifically help you to optimize your conversion rate. Let’s have a look at some of the best tools for this purpose:


Leadgenerierung-Tool: Ampry

Source: www.ampry.com

You already have traffic on your website, but you want to increase the conversion rate? Ampry can help you.

With Ampry you can easily add user-friendly pop-ups and notifications to your website. Ampry focuses on targeting visitors with the right message at the right time. For example, testimonials can be displayed as social proof or special offers.


Hotjar is a heatmap tool that gives you more information about your website visitors' behavior by recording their activity. This way you can analyze their usage and make the right changes to optimize the usability and conversion rate of your landing pages.

Advertising / Lead Generation with Advertising Platforms

If you want to generate leads with your website or online, you can't get around advertising. Depending on the strategy and campaign type, there are various providers available to bring traffic to your website.

Google Ads

With Google Ads, you can reach billions of users with your online campaigns! You can place your ads when they are searching for certain keywords, watch videos on YouTube or see display ads on partner sites.

Search campaigns are especially exciting because they allow you to target people who are looking for your products and solutions. Simply define relevant keywords for your campaign and create a suitable ad. When a potential customer searches for one of your keywords, your ad will be displayed at the top of the organic search results.

Especially if you have competitors running ads on similar keywords, or you are not yet ranking well in Google search results, you should consider a campaign with Google Ads.

Microsoft Ads

You can also benefit from campaigns with Microsoft Ads (formerly: Bing Ads). Many people still have Bing set as their default search engine on their computer. The prices per click are often lower and competition is not as high as with Google Ads.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

If you’re working in B2B, the LinkedIn Campaign Manager could also be interesting for you. Since LinkedIn is a business network, users expect content that is relevant for their business life.

On LinkedIn you can promote your products and services, but also webinars or events. You can define your target audience on the basis of job-related characteristics or upload your own so-called "matched audiences", in which you include a list of relevant companies, for example. LinkedIn then automatically addresses all people from these companies. Of course, you can also further narrow down the target audience by position title, skills or similar. 

Speaking of target audience: There are, of course, numerous other advertising platforms, such as Facebook Ads, native advertising or even podcasts through which you can generate leads. Try out every option, so that you find the best platform for your product or service.

Lead Generation with LinkedIn

Together with the German business platform XING, LinkedIn is one of the largest professional social networks in Germany. A lot of interesting and useful content helps prospects to get information and insights that can have influence on their buying decision.

You can generate qualified B2B leads by providing interested parties with content that supports them in their research. The goal always is to convince users to later buy your product.

You should definitely promote your content or solution on LinkedIn! It will help you achieve awareness and appeal to people who might have a demand for your product or service. 

Since most people on LinkedIn keep their profile up-to-date and comprehensive, the social network offers numerous opportunities to target your ideal audience and generate qualified leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

In addition to various advertising options, salespeople can also generate high-quality B2B leads with social selling on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator will help you find decision-makers and companies faster and keep track of them with real-time updates. In addition, it is also possible to get in touch with people you are not yet connected with a direct message.

Sales Intelligence Software for Lead Generation

Sales intelligence software helps companies collect publicly available information from company websites, press releases, social media and more – and make it available to you. Based on your pre-defined criteria, sales intelligence tools show you sales opportunities and also provide your sales team with the right information for a first-class sales pitch.


There are many companies out there – but not all of them will be potential customers for you. With Dealfront Target, you can filter and focus on your ideal target companies from over 13 million companies using unique filter options.

Prospecting in Echobot

Prospecting in Dealfront

Current news and buying signals indicate the companies’ needs and help you recognize the right time to contact them.

In addition, the Dealfront employee database contains around 89 million contacts and decision-makers with telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. You can further filter them by hierarchy and department.

This way, you generate B2B leads consisting of company, person to contact and current buying signal – at the touch of a button! Dealfront automatically enriches your leads with further data such as turnover, number of employees, news and much more.

You don’t need to spend hours on research anymore: If a new company meets your required criteria, the lead alert automatically informs you via email about this new sales opportunity. B2B lead generation has never been so easy!

The "Similar Companies" search is also particularly exciting. With a few clicks, you can display companies that are similar to your best customers. Turn one of your favorite customers into hundreds of potential customers. These so-called B2B lookalikes are very likely to become your future customers!

Lead Generation with Online Comparison & Review Platforms

94% of B2B buyers use online research during the buying process (source: www.content4b2b.de). They often use comparison or evaluation platforms to see whether a product meets other people’s expectations or not.

Numerous software providers from various categories are listed here. An example: If someone is looking for lead generation software, they will be shown different providers that offer software in exactly this category. 

If you offer a software, you should definitely get listed for free. That increases your visibility and are won’t be overlooked in a potential customer’s search.

Of course, it also makes sense to ask happy customers if they would like to leave a review of your tool. Reviews serve as social proof and create trust. For potential prospects it is very important to see that there are other people who are happy with your product.

Pro tip: On comparison platforms prospects are searching for software that could fix their problem. Only logical, that the conversion rate is usually much higher on such platforms than on another medium.


Capterra is very well known as a comparison platform for software, especially in the English-speaking market. However, it is also available for Germany, but it is not that popular yet.

You can place your product in over 700 different categories. Capterra also offers a pay-per-click model where you can improve your list position and generate leads.

OMR Reviews

OMR Reviews has not been on the market for very long, but it is already very well known due to their strong OMR Community. In addition, it is the first review platform for software with focus on the DACH region

You can create a free basic profile here and collect reviews. With the pro version, you have numerous other options for generating leads, for example with the help of review campaigns.


If your target audience is located in the English-speaking market, you should definitely list your software solution at G2. With over 1.2 million reviews, G2 has built a strong reputation in this area. 

On this platform, vendors can discover companies that are currently looking for a new solution to a specific problem. That’s extremely helpful since your sales team can get directly in touch with a potential customer in this way.


In this article, we introduced you to a small part of the numerous tools that you can use to boost your lead gen. Especially when it comes to B2B lead generation, we recommend to test different tools in their free version in order to find out which suits your company and your needs best.

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