Investor Relations

“If everything seems under control, you´re just not going fast enough.” — Mario Andretti

Echobot’s Investors

KMG – Kölmel Management Group

Kölmel Management has holdings in future-oriented companies in the IT, software and media sectors. Our experienced managers advise young visionaries and pass on their many years of entrepreneurial experience in sales, marketing and product management.

ZFHN – The Future Fund Heilbronn

The Future Fund Heilbronn invests in young and promising technology companies that have the ambition to bring about positive changes. More than 15 nationally and internationally active and strongly growing companies are already integrated as investments and benefit from the exchange of knowledge within the portfolio.

Karweg Ventures

KARWEG Ventures

Echobot is now the fifth startup of serial founder Bastian Karweg. After his first successful exit in 2006, he began to participate in other startups himself. KV has a core focus on Internet companies in the fields of media, enterprise software, mobile, machine learning and search technology.