Echobot API
Automated Utilization of the Latest B2B Data

At the click of a button, you can easily access Echobot’s company data and contacts via our Echobot API. This offers you the opportunity to digitize and automate your business processes and improve the data quality in your internal CRM or ERP systems. As a developer, you will find all the details about the REST+JSON interface in our technical documentation. For department heads and managers, concrete use cases of the individual outcomes are highlighted:


The Echobot API in Action

A so-called RESTful API describes a web-based data interface that enables your self-programmed systems to retrieve B2B data from Echobot and to reuse it. Each of these so-called “endpoints” can be requested with different parameters and then will return different data in JSON format. The login to this interface is protected by an OAuth access.
The following endpoints/data are available:

webbasierte Datenschnittstelle





Find individual companies

If you want to update outdated company data in your CRM or if you don’t want to research everything manually during data entry, you should use this endpoint. You can use the interface to set up a process that automatically enriches incomplete data records and cleans up obsolete addresses.


Find a list of suitable companies

Are you planning a campaign or looking for customers, suppliers or competitors? Then use this endpoint to find lists of companies according to selected criteria (keywords, region, size, industry, etc.).


Find similar companies

Do you have a particularly lucrative existing customer or a great reference profile? Via this endpoint you will automatically receive similar companies with whom you can expand your customer base.


Request key financial figures

Do you base the assessment of a corporate customer’s solvency or the calculation of new payment terms on their key financial figures? Echobot calculates a number of these key figures on the basis of published balance sheets and gives you the possibility to integrate them directly into your calculation via this endpoint.


Find contacts by name, position or company

Want to make sure that your campaigns reach the right people and that your efforts don’t leave you empty-handed? Then keep your points of contact and contact data up-to-date via the Echobot API. When publicly available, you will also receive contact data such as e-mails or phone numbers.


Enrich B2B leads with up to 30 attributes

Reduce the input fields of the lead forms on your website to a minimum – because the fewer fields, the higher the conversion. Using Echobot API, you can then enrich up to 30 additional attributes automatically. In this way, you significantly increase the success of your lead generation.


Analyse texts automatically with Machine Learning

This endpoint gives you access to EASE and allows you to digitize and structure your data stock. This specially developed machine learning technology automatically determines companies, locations, trigger events, and topics from a continuous flow of text that you consult. Categorize your blog, classify texts according to region or bring order to your CRM system via company recognition. Dedicated endpoints are also available if required.


Integrate messages from online- and social media

Use the interface to find articles from news portals, blogs, Facebook or Instagram and use them to create your own self-programmed newsroom with coverage data. In this way you can automatically inform your website visitors or your colleagues on the intranet about new press releases or competitor activities. Or enrich your individual B2B customer system with current news about the customer using company recognition.


Recognize signals from your business environment

Automatically assign all companies to your sales department where a management change is pending and secure your order before the competition. Let your customer service department know what is happening with your regular customers, where upselling potential is arising and where insolvencies are threatening. Echobot automatically alerts you to opportunities and risks with trigger events so that you can react quickly.


Retrieve company data for an imprint URL

Get your information from the source so that every company’s data is reliably maintained via the website’s imprint. Use the master data to validate the entries in your databases and detect address changes.

Technical Integration

Eigene Anbindung der API

Your own Integration

Program the interface yourself for Echobot’s data and machine learning mechanisms to suit your individual program, system or application. Use this opportunity to automate your processes in the best possible manner.

Via Zapier

Via WebHooks and the Zapier integration service you can connect to the API and access data from Echobot. Zapier also supports synchronization with numerous systems like Hubspot, Pipedrive and and over 800 other systems.


Better data and Automated Processes

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Get access to the following via the Echobot API:

Company Data

Find over 13+ million companies in European markets from our company database

Employee Data

Find over 45+ million contacts from our database of decision makers with Up-to-date Digital Business Cards

Machine Learning

Use Echobot’s developments in one of the most significant future technologies to your benefit

Trigger Events

Identify business-relevant sales opportunities and risks automatically to enable quick reactions

Online & Social

With over 100,000+ sources, every major social networks and more than 10+ billion articles