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Echobot guarantees the deepest insights into your prospects & customers. Discover all about a company’s profile: Key figures, employees, contact details, business-relevant events and more!

360° Company Profiles
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360° Company Profiles

#1 Truly Compliant B2B Lead Database for European Markets

Deep Company Insights Crawled from Online Sources

Company data

Company Data

Trade Register address, description and associated keywords. As well as key figures like employees, revenue, industry & industry codes, VAT, commercial register entries, website data and social accounts.

contact data

Contact Data

Job title/position, department and hierarchy level.
As well as contact details like validated email,
phone numbers or social business accounts
and more.

Similar companies


Shop systems, analytics tools, payment solutions, delivery services, web development and more

Sales Trigger

Trigger Events

30+ trigger events such as change in management, trade fair attandance, expansion, financing and more



Revenue, earnings, balance sheets, revenue per employee, cash on hand, financial statements and more

Truly GDPR-compliant

Contact Data
& Email Validation

Our database not only contains companies, but also the matching contacts—including email addresses & phone numbers. Speak to the right person immediately and be sure of a truly GDPR-compliant outreach. Echobot is equipped with many exciting Artificial Intelligence features that help you close more deals. GDPR-compliant contact data like email addresses are validated and checked for reachability.


GDPR-compliant contact data + email address validation


Automated alerts for important events of target companies

Never miss a sales opportunity again

Sales Triggers: Job Offers, Social Media News etc.

We offer more than just the standard trigger events: Profit from over 30 sales triggers like job offers, financing, partnerships,
expansion plans and more. Besides crawling, our AI is also able to relate these unique sales triggers to companies.​

Right Timing

Contact the right potential buyer at exactly the right time with our sales triggers – exactly when there is a demand!

Personalised Approach

Based on the sales triggers, you can address the pain points of your potential customers and convince them with a personalised approach!

Up- & Cross-Selling

Automatically monitor your existing customers and actively begin upselling and cross-selling when they set off certain sales triggers!

Contacts, Financials and More

Seamless Integrations for Your Tools and Processes

Get the best B2B data delivered on your terms—accessible, flexible, directly in your CRM. With our intuitive synchronization, you can easily cleanse, enrich and keep your CRM data up-to-date. Concentrate on people, not data management.

In addition, you can connect Echobot’s B2B data to your individual systems with our API or benefit from GDPR-compliant data during your prospecting with our browser extension.

NEW: Try the CONNECT Chrome Extension now for free!

Ready for Premium and Up-to-Date B2B Data?

Time-consuming research and outdated address lists are a thing of the past: Discover Echobot’s Sales Intelligence Platform and profit from accurate B2B data for your sales team.

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Echobot Sales Intelligence Platform

Our Customers’ Success Stories

Discover, Engage and Convert Your Ideal B2B Customers


high quality B2B leads each month



more customers in trial period

alumina systems


time savings when searching for company information



more cross selling opportunities

Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Bahn
Canon Logo

…and more than 1,500 other companies trust in Echobot.

What Makes Echobot Unique


The most accurate B2B data coverage
for Europe

The Echobot database keeps on growing! Profit from precise Deep Data e.g. company and contact data which our own-designed crawlers collect and analyze from European markets. All data is mapped to official trade register records covering 100% of registered companies with extensive firmographics & financials.

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True Compliance

Data privacy approved &
truly compliant

Our data is stored and processed by servers in Europe. But that’s not enough for Echobot’s privacy standards! In comparison to other data providers, you don’t need to worry about data breaches or spying: We only collect publicly available B2B data with a source URL.

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European Companies


Contact Profiles


Data Attributes

Push Your Revenue to The Next Level

The most accurate and truly compliant B2B data for Marketing & Sales in Europe awaits you! Gain access to 40+ million European companies and find all relevant information at one glance: Discover the endless and unique possibilities with Echobot in a personal demo.

Discover the endless and unique possibilities with Echobot in a personal demo.


360° company profiles to see through
your prospects


LESS research time converted to MORE
sales time


Business-relevant information on demand


The only truly compliant B2B-data for Europe

Users love Echobot
Users love Echobot
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