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19. November 2020

The Best B2B Sales Podcasts – Hacks, Tips & Tricks for Your Growth

A podcast acts like a daily companion – whether on the bus or train, in the car or on a plane: with a podcast you can pass the time AND learn something new, without disrupting your flow.

Especially in sales, there is always something new to learn, regardless if you’ve already worked in sales for many years or are new to the field. Podcasts are ideal for the B2B Sales space if you don’t want to miss practical tips or brand new insights from industry experts. To support your next listen, we have compiled the ultimate B2B podcast list for you! 

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The Ultimate B2B Podcast List

The following podcasts are dedicated to sales, business, and marketing in B2B. Often these topics overlap, and a podcast often covers more than one of these topics. Of course, we have also asked around within our team – personal recommendations are the best after all. Curtain up for the absolute must-listen-to podcasts in B2B! Innovative approaches and concentrated expert knowledge are preprogrammed.

Note: The numeration of the podcasts does not indicate any preference on our part. We think that all of them are equally informative and exciting! 😉

Whether you like short podcasts under 10 minutes or long episodes with guest interviews – we’ve got them all! Since the B2B space is so diverse you can draw important knowledge from every podcast we have listed here. Here we go:

1. The Salesman Podcast (Will Barron)

Airs: almost daily 

Duration: between 25 and 60 minutes 


The Salesman Podcast is one of the most popular podcasts about B2B sales. Will talks about the influence of Artificial Intelligence on the B2B industry, how to create good presentations, cold calling and much more. If you are working in sales and online B2B, this is the right podcast for you

2. The Sales Hacker Podcast (Sam Jacobs)

Airs: several times a week 

Duration: between 5 and 45 minutes 

Sam and his Sales Hacker Podcast give you all the right info about successful selling. In exciting interviews with different people, you will receive meaningful insights from the industry. Successful coaching, outside sales or entrepreneurship are just as much topics as women in sales or helpful sales tools.

3. The Advanced Selling Podcast (Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale)

Airs: weekly 

Duration: between 5 and 30 minutes 

Both hosts, Bill and Bryan, are sales trainers themselves and know what is most important in selling. This podcast gives you the perfect mix of motivation, objectives, fears, time management or even morning routines – tailored to you and your sales department.

4. The Sales Engagement Podcast (Outreach)

Airs: several times a week 

Duration: between 25 and 45 minutes 

Outreach, as a well-known sales engagement tool, knows best what customers want in today's B2B world. In this podcast you will hear a lot of storytelling, home office tips, women in sales, change management and much more, always keeping the customer in focus!

5. Get In The Door (Scott "the Professor" Plum and Bill Hellkamp)

Airs: weekly 

Duration: between 25 and 35 minutes 

Wie der Name schon vermuten lässt, hat sich dieser Podcast auf eines spezialisiert: Den Fuß bei Interessenten und Neukunden in die Tür bekommen. Welche Strategien gibt es dafür? Wie lässt sich am besten verhandeln? Scott und Bill zeigen es Dir Schritt für Schritt.

6. Revenue: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast (Gong)

Airs: weekly

Duration: between 30 and 55 minutes

This podcast will provide you with probably the best insights into personalized sales and marketing. Devin and Sheena from Gong have very practical tips on how to boost your revenue and to rethink your strategies. If you want your business to grow, this is the podcast you should listen to!

7. 30 Minutes to President's Club | No-nonsense Sales (Nick Cegelski + Armand Farrokh)

Airs: weekly 

Duration: between 15 and 30 minutes 

Nick and Armand present to their listeners, unvarnished and unadorned, how "real" distribution should work - namely, away from greasy posturing and false promises, towards empathy and conversational skills. How exactly does that work? Listen in!

8. Catalyst Sale Podcast (Mike Simmons)

Airs: weekly 

Duration: between 15 and 50 minutes 

Weekly episodes on sales strategies, training, coaching, sales enablement, sales increase and much more. If you want to explore everything the sales world has to offer, this podcast with host Mike is for you.

9. B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast (Sweet Fish Media)

Airs: several times a week 

Duration: between 5 and 50 minutes 

Not only suitable for marketers, but also highly recommended for sales reps! In daily episodes, questions about negotiating with self-confidence, leadership, and social media and much more are taken up and discussed – with changing interview partners for many different perspectives.

10. Sell or Die (Jeffrey Gitomer and Jen Gluckow)

Airs: weekly 

Duration: between 10 and 45 minutes 

Jeffrey and Jen discuss sales strategies, sales process optimization and the art of connecting with customers with various people from the B2B sales industry. Furthermore, personal development such as time management and productivity are addressed.

11. Inside Sales Coach (Mark Garrett Hayes)

Airs: weekly 

Duration: between 25 and 55 minutes 

This podcast is aimed specifically at sales executives. You are leading a sales team? Then this podcast will tell you everything you need to know about proper coaching and the alignment of your sales team. Especially telesales and digital sales are focused on in this podcast with episodes on technology in sales or the onboarding process for new colleagues.

12. The Sales Evangelist (Donald C. Kelly)

Airs: about 2x per week 

Duration: between 20 and 50 minutes 

In contrast to Inside Sales Coach, Donald addresses the newcomers to sales in the Sales Evangelist podcast. Are you new to sales? Learn here how to win over the right new customers that fit your needs. Find out how your emails and pitches can ignite and much more.

13. Hey Salespeople (Jeremy Donovan)

Airs: about 2x per week 

Duration: between 15 and 25 minutes 

Jeremy defines distribution as both art and science. His passion for sales comes across excellently in the various episodes on topics such as AI in sales, solution selling, and leadership style. Subscribe and listen!

14. Surf and Sales (Richard Harris and Scott Leese)

Airs: several times a week

Duration: between 30 and 55 minutes

This podcast is all about the Do’s and Don’ts’s in your daily sales business. Richard and Scott will provide you with hands-on advice on how to find the right salespeople, create the best sales mindset and how to approach potential customers – on traditional cold-calls or on LinkedIn.

15. Make it Happen Mondays (John Barrows)

Airs: weekly 

Duration: between 45 and 90 minutes 

As a sales trainer and coach, John knows all the hurdles and obstacles that a sales rep will inevitably encounter along his or her path. From cold calling tips to motivation strategies, this podcast contains everything you need to take your sales tactics to the next level.

16. Sales Gravy (Jeb Blount)

Airs: weekly 

Duration: between 5 and 50 minutes 

Each episode of this podcast addresses a different facet of the multifaceted profession of sales manager. Jeb gives you helpful insights into the profession. He talks about the importance of a personal meeting, the personal development and mindset of salespeople, and about the fact that Corona has indeed opened new avenues for sales.

17. Conversations with Woman in Sales (Barbara Giamanco and Lori Richardson)

Airs: weekly 

Duration: between 15 and 45 minutes 

This podcast is about providing support and inspiration to women in sales. For example, well-known guests who work as communication trainers or coaches, are also invited to speak about their experiences in the industry. An absolute must, especially for women in sales!

18. The Ziglar Show (Kevin Miller)

Airs: several times a week 

Duration: between 30 and 90 minutes 

For many sales reps, mindset and dedication are the basis of success in sales. Kevin looks behind the scenes at the core of a positive and balanced mindset in this podcast. He talks about focus, goal setting, professional development and much more.

19. Sales Babble (Pat Helmers)

Airs: weekly 

Duration: between 20 and 35 minutes 

No small talk, but direct insight from every day sales life: This podcast is just the way you like it if you need direct tips on sales strategies because you may not have worked in sales before. Exciting interviews and practical examples!

20. Marketing over Coffee (John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn)

Airs: weekly 

Duration: between 20 and 35 minutes 

This podcast speaks openly about every marketing facet there is: Product marketing, communication models, social media and much more is on the agenda. Interviews with well-known personalities such as Simon Sinek or Mike Volpe also fill the episode portfolio and provide plenty insights.

21. Marketing School (Neil Patel and Eric Siu)

Airs: several times a week 

Duration: between 4 and 10 minutes 

Short, crisp, to the point. In Marketing School, Neil and Eric report on marketing trends, customers, emailing or customer profiling. This makes the podcast highly relevant for sales as well! The two of them deliver all kinds of practical tips that you can apply and implement directly.

22. Goal Digger Podcast (Jenna Kutscher)

Airs: about 2x per week 

Duration: between 25 and 45 minutes 

Jenna provides you with a ton of hacks on how to increase your success in online business. Website redesign? No problem. Catchy email lists and speeches? Here you go. Get inspired by the US internet phenomenon.

23. Outside In (Charles Trevail)

Airs: several times per month 

Duration: between 15 and 35 minutes

B2B has simply changed in comparison to the industry from 20 years ago. Online is the new offline and Charles gets to the bottom of it with many guests and experts in their field. He interviews well-known people from companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, PayPal, P&G and many more.

24. Entrepreneurs on Fire Business Podcast (John Lee Dumas)

Airs: several times a week 

Duration: between 20 and 35 minutes 

This podcast is designed as an interview format between John and various entrepreneurs who show you what is important when it comes to numbers in accounting, the location for your business or your website. Furthermore, personal development, motivation and time management are not forgotten, which makes the podcast an absolute must, especially for sales employees.

25. HBR IdeaCast

Airs: weekly 

Duration: between 25 and 35 minutes 

The Harvard Business Review covers in its podcast not only B2B sales and marketing content; often it also becomes political. Topics such as a transgender-friendly work environment, privilege checks or overcoming trauma find their place as well as digitization, entrepreneurship, and home office solutions.

26. Business Wars (Wondery)

Airs: several times a week 

Duration: between 5 and 35 minutes 

Business Wars is about the big "enemies" in the business world, for example Pizza Hut vs. Domino's or FedEx vs. UPS. Sure, the companies are mostly from the U.S., but that doesn't make listening any less exciting. This podcast is interesting for the sales department in so far as the sales strategies of the companies are also discussed.

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That said we would be glad if you gave us feedback on our ultimate podcast list! Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know! We love to learn about new, exciting podcasts!

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