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Echobot and Leadfeeder become Dealfront – a go-to-market platform
to give companies the data, applications and insights they need to win any European market

Helsinki, Finland & Karlsruhe, Germany (April 3rd, 2023) – Echobot and Leadfeeder will from now on operate under their new, united brand and platform – Dealfront. After integrating their teams and products following their merger in 2022, the new company has launched its EU-native and AI-powered go-to-market (GTM) platform. Dealfront is built to empower sales and marketing teams to win leads and close deals in Europe.

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Echobot and Leadfeeder are now Dealfront

“You just can’t do business in Europe the way you do business in the US. You don’t do business in France the way you do business in Germany. You don’t even do business in Berlin the way you do business in Bavaria. Dealfront delivers localized data, applications, and familiarity with European standards, culture, languages, and practices to give your sales and marketing team the advantage of feeling and acting at home in any European country or region – no matter where your business is based.”
– Bastian Karweg, CEO at Dealfront

Great Hill Partners Invests €180m to Merge Echobot and Leadfeeder,
Creating an Innovative, AI-Powered Sales Intelligence and Go-to-Market Platform

Boston, June 21 2022 – Great Hill Partners, a growth equity firm that invests in high-growth, disruptive companies, has invested €180m to support the merger and help the newly formed company drive continued product innovation, scale go-to-market capabilities, and accelerate growth. Great Hill also committed an additional €50m for the combined company to pursue strategic acquisitions.

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Echobot + Leadfeeder = Dealfront

We are now Dealfront

Dealfront: The Story of How Our Brand Came to Be

Echobot & Leadfeeder are now Dealfront


Dealfront, the go-to-market platform for Europe.

Dealfront is the go-to-market platform for Europe that gives sales and marketing teams everything they need to win leads and close deals. As the joint merger of Germany’s Echobot and Finland’s Leadfeeder, Dealfront’s platform is built on live European data, and it understands the nuances in European languages, culture, and regulations. Its algorithms and applications access data and insights that other tools can’t, while offering transparency and complying with Europe’s strict and complex regulations.

Dealfront combines the tools and stages of the sales and marketing process into a single platform, powering a flywheel that optimizes the entire operation in a perpetual loop. The result is constantly refined accuracy, ICPs that are dynamic and real-time, and more leads that end in deals.

Dealfront – The way to win deals in Europe.

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