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Introduction and overview of data protection / GDPR:

At Dealfront, we take privacy very seriously. In the past, we’ve always followed the strict guidelines of the German BDSG. Since May 2018, we have implemented the new requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO / GDPR). In order to provide you a simple overview of all data protection-relevant processes at Dealfront, we have created this data privacy centre. The following sections are intended to help you understand how we protect privacy and what information is collected for what purpose. In addition, we have described in detail how you can assert your rights.

Henri Markkanen

Data Protection Officer

For all questions you are welcome to contact our data protection officer:

Mr. Henri Markkanen

Privacy policy for customers, users & website visitors

Dealfront collects data from affected persons in the following cases:

  1. You visit the Dealfront/Echobot website or use Dealfront as online software, as an app or via a plugin (for example in your CRM-system).
  2. If you are applying to Dealfront or if you submit your data directly to us for other reasons (for example, to download a white paper).
  3. If you are a registerd Dealfront customer or user or you have a contract with Dealfront.

Our information obligations according to article 13 GDPR are fulfilled in detail in our: privacy statement.


Privacy Policy

The exact detailed description of the individual cases shown on the left and the corresponding legal basis can be found in our privacy policy:

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for the Dealfront search engine

Dealfront operates one of the largest search engines / crawlers in the world for its services. Data and information which are publicly available on the Internet are automatically recorded. Since this process may also affect personal data which is not collected from the data subject directly, we would like to fulfill our duty to inform in accordance with article 14 of the GDPR and point out to interested parties their rights:

Call document: Privacy policy for the Dealfront search engine

For informations about disclosure and your right to contradict see below.


Data privacy notices

The exact description of the individual transactions shown on the left and the associated legal principles can be found in our privacy notices for the Dealfront search engine:

Privacy notices for Dealfront search engine

Data processing agreement

In case you share personal data with us (e.g. by integrating our script in your website or connecting your CRM system with our platform) a data processing agreement will be automatically concluded.
We adopted this new data processing agreement in order to accommodate new services and products offered by us (e.g. Web Visitors or CRM Connectors) and to reflect the different roles and responsibilities with regard to the data processing performed: You act as the data controller and we act as the data processor, processing the personal data on your behalf in these cases.
In all other cases, no DPA is needed.


Data processing agreement

You can download the data processing agreement here.

DPA Infosheet

Further information according data privacy at Dealfront:

As a data processor, we are obliged under the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to provide you with the following additional information and documents:

Rights of the data subjects

If you are “affected” by data processing by Dealfront, you have different rights, such as: Information, modification or deletion. We clarify these rights in the following page:

Affected Persons Rights

Get information about your personal data

You can always find out if and which data Dealfront has stored about you. On request, we will also provide you with a file containing the content stored in our systems via this form:


Give a complaint

If you are not satisfied with our data processing or information, feel free to contact our data protection officer or file a complaint with the competent authority:

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